BIC SUP Torre Stand-Up Paddleboard
BIC SUP Torre Stand-Up Paddleboard Paddle out onto your favorite little secret--the serene pond in the woods by your family cabin that no ones about but you--and become one with the surrounding nature while on your Bic Sup Torre Stand-Up Paddleboard. Designed for yoga and fitness, and rides like an all-around board for lighter riders, the Torre has a keeled nose and tip-to-tail width to provide you with exceptional stability while still maintaining maximum glide and efficiency as you work your way around logs and lily pads. EPS foam, epoxy resin, and all-natural materials such as paulownia wood and flax fiber do their part to keep this SUP stable, durable, and maneuvering nimbly on the water, while the flat deck area and cork deck pad act as a floating yoga mat or cat-nap zone. An included wood touring nine-inch fin cuts through the water smoothly and navigates easily on flatwater, while the reinforced attachment points ensure you're able to bring along extra gear and accessories without loading up the SUP.

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