Naish Nalu GTW Series Stand-Up Paddleboard
Naish Nalu GTW Series Stand-Up Paddleboard Built with power for catching waves and shaped with stability for long-distance touring, the Nalu GTW Series Stand-Up Paddleboard by Naish is your one-stop shop quiver board. Ranging in four different shapes and sizes, the lightweight and rugged construction ties these four boards together. Beginning with a lightweight yet durable molded EPS closed cell core to build the base of it's structural integrity, and then sandwiched with a wood deck and bottom to help disperse the weight, this board is intuitively designed to catch waves with ease while also providing a stabilized feel for for tracking and touring. And finished with glass reinforcements, this board holds tough against impacts and abrasions so you get a long-lasting, quality experience. While all four models of the Nalu are able to catch waves, the Nalu 10ft 10in board focuses more on the needs of touring. Due to it's wide stature, this board is shaped with a low rocker and multi-concave bottom, to help channel water from nose to tail to promote a steady and straight glide for touring. It's heavier weight, squared tail, and single fin enhance the stability for long days on the water, while also featuring eight insert holes to attach bungees to haul your gear. The 10ft 6in, 11ft, and 11ft 4in models are shaped more like longboards with progressive rockers, a pointed tail, and thruster fin set-up, so you get the shape of a well-rounded board for catching waves and hanging ten.

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